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Finding A Buried Valve







A sprinkler system

can waste a lot of water.


Most of us overwater by 100%. It’s easy. Set it and forget it.

Can I tell you a true story that happened to us? Year’s ago we installed landscapes and new sprinkler systems. It was August and hot. We were in a season of 100+ temperatures, so when we completed everything, we set the controller to water every day.

Fast-forward 4 1/2 years. We got a call from the office manager for some problem–I don’t remember now what it was. Well, when we got there (you’re ahead of me, aren’t you), no one had touched the controller. It had been watering every day for over 4 years!

Ultimately, the fault was mine. I had not explained that a sprinkler system is as dynamic as the weather. All it is supposed to do is suppliment whatever doesn’t fall from the sky. And, plants don’t need as much water in the Fall, Winter or Spring as they do in the Summer.

Modern irrigation controllers are so simple now, it doesn’t make sense to “set it and forget it.” And now we have many options for Smart Controllers so controllers adjust themselves–saving water and time. These smart attachements can be as simple as a device that turns your sprinkler system off when it rains or as detailed as tracking the weather and letting your sprinkler system react to current and, in some cases, future weather forcasts. Maybe you just need an updated controller . . .


Water We Could Save

Repair Pricing–

Finally, the shoe is on the right foot.

The Old Way: Customer: “How much is this going to cost?”

Irrigator: ”Well, we charge $___ per hour.”

Customer: “Okay, but how much is this repair going to cost?”

Irrigator: “How do I know? Maybe a couple of hours? I’m pretty fast.

The Point: The irrigator, who is supposed to be the expert, takes none of the risk for this repair taking longer and costing more than expected/normal.

The New Way: Rainstat does not give ”estimates.” We give “Promises.” Meaning, we guarantee the price up front–before you are ever obligated to pay anything. For more, see Pricing.

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