May We Introduce Ourselves?

A Brief History

Rainstat started as a lawn maintenance company called “Just Lawn” in Brownwood, Texas.  The company grew and enjoyed doing their little bit to help Brownwood be beautiful.  The only problem was that my two sons and I didn’t really like mowing grass–at least not the acres and acres we were mowing back in 1991.  We did, however, enjoy sprinkler systems and, to some degree, landscaping.

When Daniel, my oldest child, had a gymnastic accident and broke his neck (see the blurb to the right) we narrowed our focus to just irrigation.  Later we further narrowed that focus to limit it to just the repair of sprinkler systems.

In 2010 we moved to Waco in order to be closer to our church.  We had been traveling the 2+ hour trip and decided something had to give.  Well we sold our place and rented a place in Waco for several years.  We now “homestead” a small parcel of land between Elm Mott and Gholson.

Our core beliefs have changed very little since the start of the business.

  • We want to be absolutely honest in our dealings with you.
  • We want to stay informed and skilled in the latest methods of irrigation repair.
  • We want to be absolutely fair to our employees.
  • We want to take the risk on a job that turns into a “horror story” so you stay in control of what you invest.

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Our Story

We are often asked if this is a franchise. It’s not.  It is owned and operated by a family that lives with you here in Waco. At one time I wanted to become a big business, but that changed. I have never been too personal with the web site, but that is changing now.  If you want to know about Rainstat, you get to know the Saylor family and our journey.  This is a part of Our Story.

Cutting to the “chase.”

Me (Doug) and my two sons (Daniel and Drew) enjoyed part of all we were doing, but having a bunch of employees was not one of them. So, several years ago, we decided we would do just what we could do together. We had two large landscape/sprinkler jobs going when we got the call that Daniel had had an accident at the gym–and it looked bad.

When Drew and I got to the gym, Daniel was lying on the mat and couldn’t move anything from the neck down. Drew ran to see if the coach had called for an ambulance. He had. I was left there with my oldest child and both of us were afraid. I had tried to live my life as a Christian up to that point so turning to prayer was somewhat natural for me. I prayed for Daniel and asked the Lord to make all of this okay. I felt a Presence and an assurance that, indeed, this was going to be “okay,” and told that to my wide awake but immobile son.

For the next two and a half months, all five of us (we have a daughter, too) transplanted our lives to Abilene, Texas and Hendricks Hospital. I just knew Daniel was going to get up out of that bed and start walking down the halls any day. It’s been almost 20 years now and I still expect that to happen.

A few weeks into all this drama, someone told my son, “Everything is going to be alright.”  Daniel looked at him and said, “It’s already alright!” He’s kept that attitude the whole time.

So, Change Happens.

As you might imagine, an event like this changes a family and a business. You might wonder how we kept things going all that time we were in the hospital. We were attending a home church at the time and they literally kept things going. Fellow churchmen, Mike DillardTom Riedland, and Steve Polasky kept the business going. A radio station owned by Phil Watts sold our greenhouse full of begonia hanging baskets we had to leave in order to help us while we were in Abilene.  One customer, Larry Henderson told us his project would still be there when we got past all this and we finished his job about a year later. A sprinkler install we were working on in a nearby town was on hold and the lady we were working for was quite elderly and didn’t need her yard torn up with trenches from a half-done sprinkler system.  A former employee, Kevin Scalley, called and said he’d heard about what happened and asked what jobs were incomplete.  I told him about the job for the elderly lady.  “Don’t worry about that job.  I’ll complete it.”  You, dear reader cannot know how few people on this earth could complete someone else’s sprinkler system, but Kevin had been trained by us and knew and had demonstrated the care we put into a system.  He did it.

Because of all this, our family has been changed and enriched. I have seen what God’s love is.  It is a love of self-sacrifice.  It’s not soft and it’s not sentimental. It sometimes looks like sweat and sore muscles, too little sleep and tears.

We began to look for something we were able to taste but desired the whole meal.  It’s a long story from this point that brought us to Waco and to the Fellowship we are a part of now.  Maybe I’ll be bold enough to share that with you another time.

Epilogue: Drew carries the load for Rainstat and I teach classes for continuing ed for other irrigators.  Daniel is in a wheelchair and is an estimator and dispatcher/office manager for a transport/construction company here in Waco.  Dara, our daughter, is married to Brian Claborn. She works at Homestead Fiber Arts when she’s not holding their son, Caleb.

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