May We Introduce Ourselves?

A Brief History

Rainstat started as a lawn maintenance company called “Just Lawn” in Brownwood, Texas.  The company grew and enjoyed doing their little bit to help Brownwood be beautiful.  The only problem was that my two sons and I didn’t really like mowing grass–at least not the acres and acres we were mowing back in 1991.  We did, however, enjoy sprinkler systems and, to some degree, landscaping.

In 2010 we moved to Waco in order to be closer to our church.  We had been traveling the 2+ hour trip and decided something had to give.  Well we sold our place and rented a place in Waco for several years.  We now “homestead” a small parcel of land between Elm Mott and Gholson.

Our core beliefs have changed very little since the start of the business.

  • We want to be absolutely honest in our dealings with you.
  • We want to stay informed and skilled in the latest methods of irrigation repair.
  • We want to be absolutely fair to our employees.
  • We want to take the risk on a job that turns into a “horror story” so you stay in control of what you invest.

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Our Story

We are often asked if this is a franchise. It’s not.  It is owned and operated by Drew Saylor and his wife, Alyse who live with you here in Waco.

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