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Your backflow device

is what keeps your

drinking water pure.


The city goes to a lot of trouble to make sure your drinking water is drinkable and pure.  But after it leaves the city main water line some pretty nasty things can happen to it.

For Instance . . .

  • Let’s say you just sprayed an arsenic based herbicide on  your lawn.
  • Little pools of standing water accumulate around your sprinkler heads.
  • Down the street, the fire department opens a fire hydrant for routine maintenance creating negative pressure (suction) on your water supply.
  • The pools of water disappear.
  • Your child turns on the tap to get a drink of water.

Without a properly functioning backflow device that child could be at risk of getting sick or worse.



Child Drinking Water

Rainstat is licensed by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) to install, repair and certify backflow devices.  The city or water purveyor enforces the laws for backflow testing, but each of us should be aware of the risks of not having a certified backflow device.  Accidents are rare.  But, when they do occur, they can be fatal.

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