We had gotten off to a later start than intended so, when I saw the emergency lights ahead of us on I35, I groaned inside.   We were doing some work for a WalMart in Austin and we’re always conscious of the time because it takes a while to get there and get back.  
As it turned out, there was an accident but it was on the other side of the interstate.   A truck had completely blocked traffic and cars were backed up as far as we could see.   I was ashamed of myself for thinking I was glad it was “them” and not “us”.  We headed along our merry way for several minutes when I realized the traffic was still stopped.   It had been MILES.   Finally, we came to the end of the pack with new cars just now having to break to a halt.
Because of my vantage point, I could see something they couldn’t. Something inside me wanted to jump out of the car and yell, “Stop!  Get off the road!  Go eat, shop, ANYTHING!  You are going to be stopped here for HOURS if you don’t do something now!”

I didn’t, of course.
We continued down the road thinking about those poor travelers and how fortunate we were to not have been involved.
It may seem to be an obtuse shift, but can we talk about water?  I believe we are in the same place as those unfortunate travelers.   By that, I mean there are already conditions in place that mask themselves now but will become imminently clear later.
Think about it.   We have no less water now than we did on the day of Creation.   The issue is location, timing and purity. This blog isn’t the forum to inform you on details, but I would hope you will be enlightened enough to start paying attention to how you use and waste water.
We know a substantial portion of the water you use is outside (some say 70%).   So, if you are going to have a real impact on your water use, it probably isn’t going to be with a low-flow shower head–although that helps, too.
That’s why we have a mission her at Rainstat Irrigation.   We want you to use all the water you need, and not a drop more.
We want to help you become a conservation hero while saving you money on your water bill.   Our Smart Controller for your sprinkler system saves anywhere from 20% to 50% on your water bill.
Please call me.   My cell number is 254/744-1724.   You may be surprised at what you can do.   And if we all do our little part . . .  
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