I was invited to the Keller Williams Real Estate’s office to bring them up to date on the new irrigation rules that go into effect January 1st, 2009. Michael Fanning, a customer and friend, arranged the invite. Kim Galvan, Keller Williams’ team leader, presided over the weekly meeting and introduced me. But before she introduced me, she had a few “housekeeping” comments to make. “If any of you need help with your micro-sites or blogs, talk to me . . . ,” she said.

Do you realize how much things have changed in just the last decade? Micro-sites? How many years ago was it that the state-of-the-art in MLS listings was a well organized notebook? It struck me that their tool belt had a laptop in it and mine still just had a shovel. They knew they had done a good job when the customer liked what they saw. I knew I had done a good job when the customer liked what they didn’t see.

Irrigators and Realtors are polls apart in some aspects.

And not in others.

For instance, you may or may not be a prospect for a Realtor. You may or may not need to purchase or sell real estate. If you have that need, you are a prospect and there was a room full of professionals there that could assist you. But it wasn’t because of who you are. It was because of your particular situation at that point in time.

Ditto for me. You don’t want to talk to me unless something goes wrong with your sprinkler system or you want to make your system run more efficiently. But at the point of a recognized problem, both industries had better be johnny-on-the-spot with the tools and expertise that you need to solve your problem.

We can all thump our chests and say, “We’re better at this than the next person,” but it impressed me that Realtors and sprinklers repair folks are in the same business–at its essence. We want to be absolutely trained and have all the necessary tools to serve our friends when they need us. Serve? Friends? Yes. I find that a big part of my job is to build relationships that are based on a mutual like and trust. And I know that’s what all of us are looking for. The trouble is, none of us know who our future friends will be. So let’s be nice. Let’s be friends to everyone.

That’s what this room-full of professional Realtors did with me this morning. They were incredibly nice to me and made me feel like they genuinely appreciated my little diatribe about the new rules and how they can affect a home buyer.

Thank you Keller Williams folks. Can I be your friend?

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