Drip Irrigation

Simply the Best Way a Mortal Can Water

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Why choose drip?


Drip Saves Water. Because drip irrigation is installed about 4 inches under the grass, it is precisely where your plants roots are. A lot of your water is wasted by being blown away or by turning into a gas that your plants can’t use.  So, delivered at the roots, your plants need less water to get enough.

Your Plants Love Drip.  Plants thrive on drip.  It’s water delivered where it needs to be, and, with a properly set sprinkler controller, at the time it needs it.  No more unintentional feast and famine.

Drip is Normally Exempt From Water Restrictions. Don’t think drip’s efficiencies have been lost on cities and water purveyors.   They know it’s the best way to water and saves the most water.  So, if you want to have the lightest footprint on this Earth, use drip everywhere you can.

Drip Doesn’t Overspray.  Overspray is waste and bad stewardship.  No one likes to see water being wasted by spraying streets and sidewalks. With drip, your cars, windows, brick and wooden fences are never stained.

Drip is Easy to Maintain. Because drip is shallow in the yard or on the surface in flower beds, it is easy to spot trouble and easy to fix.  Normally it just takes splicing in a short piece.

Drip is Environmentally Wise. We hear it all the time, “Water is our most precious resource.”  It has always been true, but because there has always been plenty of it, it was hard to see.  Now that our uneven population densities have caused water shortages, it becomes a bit easier to imagine the change that would occur if the proverbial “well ran dry.”  Because drip will use substantially less water to keep a landscape thriving, it leaves more for other uses–if there’s enough left.

Drip Doesn’t Evaporate. The water you throw into the air through spray heads and rotors wastes water before it ever hits the ground.

Drip is Easy to Change. Because drip is so easy to get to, it’s easy to extend or reroute. Just throw in a tee and take off to that new flower bed.


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