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Video Transcript

Hi.  My name is Doug Saylor with Rainstat Irrigation and I wanted to try to explain to you why we think you ought to do business with us.

Anytime you’re dealing with a sprinkler repair, you’re looking at a lot of unknowns.  The system has been in the ground five years, twenty years, whatever, and there’s just a lot of things that can go wrong and the sprinkler system is all covered up!  It’s been in the ground for a long time.


We realize that the old way of doing sprinkler repair, or, at least the estimation process of doing sprinkler repair, which was essentially, “Why don’t you put a pile of money on the table and we’ll get to work and we’ll let you know when you need to bring more money.”  We realize that you’re probably not comfortable with that kind of method—and we’re not either.

When we come out to diagnose the problem, number one, that doesn’t cost you.  Then we’re going give you an up-front price that we are going to stick to because we feel like we’re the experts, we’re the one’s that need to take the risk for this [repair] being something horrible—which sometimes does happen, but we’re going to stick to that price.


So, if your system has a problem and you want to hire someone to fix it, and you want the price to be nailed down before you’re ever obligated, then we’re the ones to talk to.  Our phone number is 254.829.3800.  Thank you.

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