Many sprinkler system owners at some point in their past have said, “I’m tired of lugging around this water hose.” So, I’ll agree that watering the yard and replacing hand watering is certainly up there at the top. But, if the system is designed without considering even (uniform) distribution, you will always have to water for the area that gets the least water–which means you will be overwatering the rest.

The picture above is a “densogram” of a system we are designing. We’re not through yet and this graphic shows why. Do you see the light parts? They’re not getting enough water relative to the surrounding areas. That normally means a head needs to be added.

The dark blue areas represent spray heads and they “precipitate” at a higher rate. Since they will be on their own zone, we can make the spray zones equal the rotor zones (those showing a lighter color) by running them for less time on the controller.

And that’s the reason you NEVER mix spray and rotors on the same zone.


If you are having trouble with over- or under-watering part of your yard, it could be a design problem. That is a problem that existed before the system was ever installed!

Rainstat has solved many nasty problems like this in the past and we would be glad to help you out.

Please call 254.829.3800 if we can help. As usual, we will give you a guaranteed price up front–“before the meter starts running.”

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