We try to do the best we can.   But, as far as I know, no one else in the area does what we do. We don’t install sprinkler systems.   We don’t mow grass.   We don’t do landscaping.   We don’t spray weeds.  (Okay, sometimes.)All we do is repair and upgrade sprinkler systems.

And we think we know why that’s important.

Installing a sprinkler system is pretty simple after you do it a couple hundred times.   Everything is under the installer’s control.   S/he plans the system, digs the trenches, connects the pipes, plumbs the heads, runs the wires and connects them to the controller mounted in the garage.   Before s/he covers everything up, the workers compare what they sees on the ground to the plan.

Put another way, if you have workers that understand how to put all the pieces together and how to run a trencher, then the most important piece in the puzzle is the sprinkler Plan.   If the Plan is engineered correctly and the workers did what they were supposed to do, voila!, it’s done.

Please, now, consider repair.   Everything’s been running fine for years until . . .

Zone three quit working.   (If you are picturing what I have in my mind, the skill difference between someone who installs a sprinkler system and someone who repairs one, is evident and huge.)  There is nothing visual to indicate 1. that zone three has quit working or 2. that this yard even has a sprinkler system!

Who are you going to call?  Here’s your choices: 1. The landscaper/irrigator/mower/jack-of-all-trades person who charges by the hour, or, 2. the one who does sprinkler repair only and guarantees his price and gets your okay before he ever starts the job?

If you chose the sprinkler repair specialist with the guaranteed up-front price, may I respectfully submit Rainstat Irrigation as your provider?Â

Please call Drew at 254.829.3800 to schedule a free, no-obligation an up-front quote that we call a Promise.

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