You know you need drainage help when water is where it’s not supposed to be.

The most obvious need is when heavy rains bring water into the house or garage. Drainage needs also show up when rain washes dirty water into your pool or rain forms a stagnant pond.
Although we are not foundation experts, we have seen our heavy clay soils reek havoc to foundations that have a fluctuating moisture content. Keeping puddles of water away from your foundation may help.

We will use gravity instead of pumps because gravity never quits. Pumps have their place, but often our heaviest rains are accompanied by electricity-interrupting conditions–which, of course, makes the solution no solution at all. Proper drainage is accomplished by placing one or several catch-basins where water accumulates. These catch-basins are connected to an underground piping system that carries the water down to a lower discharge point.

What we’re trying to accomplish is a landscape that accepts all the water it can, and then discharges any excess to the city’s waste-water treatment system. In rural areas, we are simply trying to find an on-purpose place for the water to go.

We cut our teeth in this business as landscapers, so maintaining an excellent, scar-free landscape is our primary goal. A normal installation will involve cutting the turf off the top of the trench, opening the trench, leveling it to an acceptable grade, installing the pipe and basins, backfilling the trench and re-installing the original sod. We try to make it look like we were never there.

Every drain job we have ever done has been very different. That’s okay because we will come out to your property with a transit and other measuring devices and give you an up-front price. Free. We call it a Promise because we don’t want people to confuse what we do with an estimate. Our Promise price will be your invoice price.

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