This is the hardest time of year to keep your sprinkler’s controller up-to-date because the weather is changing. It’s that time of year when a Rainstat Smart Controller does the most good and saves you the most money. Here’s why:

During July and August it is HOT. Everyone knows it’s going to be hot and your landscape is going to require a lot of water. Your water bill weighs a little more in your mail box during the summer and there’s not a lot you can do about it. If it is 105º outside, there is going to be tremendous evaporation and your plants are going to be growing their fastest.

Likewise, when winter hits and we are dipping below the freeze mark every night, you don’t need much water at all.

So, the time to install a Smart Controller in right now, during the transition time.

What is a Smart Controller, you say?

A Smart Controller replaces your present controller. The new controller “talks” to your on-site weather station so you water just enough each day. Never too little or too much. And you never have to touch it. It changes and “programs” itself daily.

We would be glad to show you one and give you an idea of what to expect. The new controller pays for itself in reducing the amount you are already spending on your water bill. And, your landscape will actually do better while saving you money.

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