If you want to repair a sprinkler head in your sprinkler system, there is a right way and a wrong way.  Our goal is to repair that head so it never has to be repaired again.  Here’s how we do it.

  • Dig a hole around the broken head
    • Dig it a lot bigger than you think you need.  The extra space just makes the repair easier and better.
    • Be neat.  Get a tarp to lay your fresh sod on as well as the rest of the dirt
    • Dig down so you clear where the riser attaches to the supply pipe.
    • Be careful not to contaminate the supply pipe.
  • Unscrew the head and the riser and lay it aside.
  • Assemble your new, replacement head on to a flex riser assembly
    • The flex riser assembly consist of a length of “funny pipe,” a flexible high-pressure pipe, connected to a barb-ell.


  • Put another barb ell fitting on your supply pipe and attach the other end of your flex riser assembly to that barb ell.
  • Backfill the dirt and carefully replace the sod around the head.
    • The subterranean view should look something like this:



You now have a head that can be run over by a truck without damaging the head or the riser that connects the sprinkler head to the supply pipe.  About the only thing that can damage the head now is if the sprinkler system ran during a hard freeze.

It took a little bit more time to fix the head right but you can take some consolation in knowing you will probably never have to touch that head again.



If you have a drive heading to your garage that is bordered with sprinkler heads, you probably know how easy it is to break a sprinkler head or a riser by running off the drive.   Using this Rainstat method of repairing a sprinkler head will eliminate that problem forever.

If you have questions, please call us.  We’re glad to help.  Our phone is 254.829.3800.

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