September is when the weather breaks. Usually. It’s a “transitional period” sprinkler-wise. And, it’s one of the most water-wasting times for sprinkler system owners and managers because it is still summer and summer schedules seem to be sticky.

Here’s the averages you need to start with: The average rainfall for Waco in September is 3″. The need for water as expressed in the evapotranspiration (ET) rate is 5.7″. So you need to replace 2.7 inches for the month. The reality of it though is the 2.7″ needs to be weighted toward the first half of the month when, like today, Labor Day, it is supposed to be in the upper 90s.

So, if you don’t yet have a Rainstat Controller (it makes your adjustments for exact water savings every day), please pay attention to your sprinkler’s schedule and make the transitional adjustments.

Specifically, I’d stay with my August need of 5.7″ until we start seeing some high temperatures in the mid 80s with cool nights. Then I’d drop the schedule to 25% of the August run-times.

Is all this Greek? Call me at 254.829.3800. It all has to do with conserving water (and saving you money) while keeping your landscape vibrant and healthy. The Rainstat Controller is a “Green” or “Smart” controller. It’s like a thermostat for your yard.(sm)

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