A few weeks ago I received an email late Friday night from the owner of a local tire shop that has been a good customer for years. He casually mentioned that he wanted me to bid some work that needed to be done at his store. When I dropped by the next day I was shocked at what I saw.

An 18 wheeler had attempted to squeeze through a narrow turn, gotten hopelessly stuck and tried valiantly to extract itself from the mud. Eventually a tow truck arrived and plucked the big rig out of its colossal ditch, obliterating the concrete curb in the process.

I did not want my customer to still be dealing with this mess on Monday morning so myself and a couple of my guys came by the tire shop midmorning the next day to do some major cleanup. We never work on Sunday but this was an emergency. We scooped up all the dirt and backfilled the ruts. We brought in a lot of topsoil and tried to spiff it up as best we could. We replaced the sprinkler head and irrigation supply lines that were destroyed.

The concrete parking lot still had lots of mud and tire tracks so I had someone come that afternoon to do a thorough job of power washing the whole area.

It poured rain on Monday but later that week we brought in more topsoil and finished off the area with fresh sod. We formed up and repoured the smashed curbs as well.

I was thankful to be able to help out a customer and friend in a timely manner.

Drew Saylor

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