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Doug Saylor, owner of Rainstat

Doug Saylor, owner of Rainstat

Hi!  I’m Doug Saylor and I own this little company.  What you’re about to write is going to land on my desk very soon because I want to hear what you want to say.

If you’re wondering if we really will check out your sprinkler system with no strings attach, ask.  (The answer is, “Yes, we really will and do it all the time.”)

Have a problem?  Did we mess up.  None of us are perfect, but we will make it right if we can.  Let me know and I promise you I’ll get back with you to get you satisfied.

Did we do well?  Great!  Let me know that, too.  I’ll pass it along to the guilty parties and we’ll celebrate!

Have a question?  If I can help you with  your sprinkler system, drip system, drainage or backflow, I will.  Sometimes this leads to more business for us but, sometimes I can get you started on the right foot and you can run with it.  I’m always glad to do that.  Heaven knows I’ve been helped plenty and maybe this is a way of paying back.

Don’t want to fill out the form?  Just want to talk?  My cell phone is no where else on this site, but here it is: Two, Five, Four, dash, Seven, Four, Four, dash One, Seven, Two, Four.  (That’s just an attempt to outsmart the spam robots.)

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